Saturday, January 25, 2014

What happens to grades when students don't meet the minimum score?

It would be helpful if scores were saved every time a quiz was complete, but only when the score is above threshold would it disappear from the students view. Is this feature available?

When you click on a test name to configure its options, there is an option that looks like this:
Save grades when score ≥ N

When you enter some number N for a minimum score, the grades are not saved in the sense that they would appear in your grade table.  However, does keep a record of this attempt.  You can access this discarded grade by looking at the grade report.  Click on the test name on your grades page for the report.  Or, check the test name in the list of tests for the class and then click the "Grades" button.

On the grade report, if any students missed the minimum score, you'll see a link that says "Discarded grades".  Click the link, and you'll see all the discarded grades.  You can even choose to accept a discarded grade, in which case it will become visible in your grades table and disappear from the student's view.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Inserting an essay question into a slide test

Is possible to insert an essay question into a test created via slides?

In the slide editor itself it is not possible to insert an essay.
However, the final test taken by students can include an essay.
Questions from the slide, multiple choice, and matching question editors can be combined once the tests are assigned to a class.
1. Assign any two (or more) tests of your own design to a single class.  You can also use tests generated by thatquiz.
2. Check both tests and click "Merge".  This creates a new test using all the questions from the two sources.
3. Click on the test name of the merged test to customize it before students begin testing. You can eliminate some questions, reorder questions, change the test name, and configure all other options.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Adding a new student midway through the year

How do I add a student that has just entered my program into preexisting test codes once I have added him to my roster?

Simply add the student to the class.  He/she will appear on the list of students for all existing test codes, for all tests which have not expired.

Putting a hyperlink into a question

Is there a way to put a hyperlink in a question?  I want to make a webquest.

You can put a hyperlink in an Multiple Choice / Short Answer test.
Simply put the URL ( i.e. http:// ) in the question text.
It will convert automatically to a link when viewed by the student.
Other question types do not support this as easily.

Adding a thatquiz standard math question to a test in design

Is their way to import one question from the concept section that uses the moveable ruler to your own test in design?

There is no way to import one question from the concept section into a test of your own design.
However, after a test is assigned to a class, and before any students have tested, you can add more questions to it.
You can merge two tests together by selecting them and clicking "Merge" in the class test list.
Or, you can click on a test name to edit it, and add more questions from the standard math tests.

Getting a random problem set each time for a single test

Is it possible to make a bank of questions? For example I have 40 questions in the bank but the test is only 20 questions.

Yes, you can make a bank of questions of which you only use half.  Create a test with 40 questions.  After creating the test, click on the test name to edit the test.  In the Length setting, choose 20 / 40, and each time a random set of 20 questions will be chosen for the student, out of the whole problem set.

Working with classes of more than 100 students

Is there anyway that the maximum class size can be increased from 100 to 125?  This would enable me to assign an activity once, to students in all my classes.  Otherwise, I will have to assign an activity multiple times to cover all my class periods.
Can you let me know if this is possible?

After assigning a quiz to a class, it is easy to make a duplicate for other classes.
Click the Share button and choose the additional class(es) you want to assign the test to.  Although the shared tests are identical in their content, each class has a different test code for the same test.

There are technical reasons for limiting class size to 100 students, since class size affects the speed and performance of the website.