Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to hide other students in a class


Would it be possible a student to take his or her own quiz without seeing or knowing other student's names?


Yes, there are two ways to test without seeing other student names:

1. Email the student about the test. Check a test in your test list, and click the "Notify" button. Each student whom you notify receives an individual link by email. The student does not see the names of anyone else who tests.

2. Have the student install the ThatQuiz mobile app on his or her phone. All assigned tests appear on the students phone. The student cannot see other students in the class.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A new ThatQuiz mobile app was released today.

For Android phones:

For iPhones:

This app allows teachers to see all tests and grades on their phones.
It allows students to test easily on their phones.
Install and enjoy.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

https required for all teachers

Beginning April 15, 2016, https is required for all teachers using
Try thatquiz with https today.

Some schools block https traffic.
If you cannot access from within your school, ask your computer administrator to allow https for

A partir del 15 de abril 2016, https se requiere para todos los maestros.
Intenta con https hoy.

Si tu escuela bloquea https, debe permitirlo para ahora.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Use with https

You can always use with https.
Navigate to

To make https automatic whenever you log in or your students test, go to Account Info and check the box for "Use https".  We recommend checking this box.

Some schools block all https traffic.  If your school does not allow usage of https web sites, then unfortunately you'll have to keep using http.  If you try using https but get a blank page inside your school, you'll have to switch back to plain http.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Essays in a "slide" test.

I wonder if it would be possible to include the option of essay questions when designing an assessment using the slide mode?  I typically use the slide mode because of the graphics ability but occasionally wish to add an essay or writing portion to the assessment.

You can't add an essay in a slide.  You can only add an essay in multiple choice / short answer design mode.

However, you should change the way you think about the design area for slides and multiple choice.  It is a place to create questions, but not always the place to assemble finalized tests.  If you assign two tests (one of type "slides" another of type "multiple choice") to the same class, you can merge those two question sets into a single test.  Select both tests and use the "Merge" button.  You can rearrange the question order and even remove questions after you have merged them.  Some teachers find it useful to create a class whose purpose is not to contain actual students, but simply to contain their important tests, which have been assembled from various parts (slides, essay, auto-generated math tests, etc).

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What happens to grades when students don't meet the minimum score?

It would be helpful if scores were saved every time a quiz was complete, but only when the score is above threshold would it disappear from the students view. Is this feature available?

When you click on a test name to configure its options, there is an option that looks like this:
Save grades when score ≥ N

When you enter some number N for a minimum score, the grades are not saved in the sense that they would appear in your grade table.  However, does keep a record of this attempt.  You can access this discarded grade by looking at the grade report.  Click on the test name on your grades page for the report.  Or, check the test name in the list of tests for the class and then click the "Grades" button.

On the grade report, if any students missed the minimum score, you'll see a link that says "Discarded grades".  Click the link, and you'll see all the discarded grades.  You can even choose to accept a discarded grade, in which case it will become visible in your grades table and disappear from the student's view.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Inserting an essay question into a slide test

Is possible to insert an essay question into a test created via slides?

In the slide editor itself it is not possible to insert an essay.
However, the final test taken by students can include an essay.
Questions from the slide, multiple choice, and matching question editors can be combined once the tests are assigned to a class.
1. Assign any two (or more) tests of your own design to a single class.  You can also use tests generated by thatquiz.
2. Check both tests and click "Merge".  This creates a new test using all the questions from the two sources.
3. Click on the test name of the merged test to customize it before students begin testing. You can eliminate some questions, reorder questions, change the test name, and configure all other options.